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Slacklife-therapy is a concept of of individual and complex therapy. Throught  yoga and slackline we learn about our body and how to listen to it. Movement is part of life, so it is important to find the joy in it. Slacklife-therapy is educative and playfull way to discover possibilities of the body.


I am physiotherapist, slackliner and yoga teacher.

I studied physiotheraphy at Faculty of Sports at Charles University in Prague. Then I worked in rehabilitation centre Malvazinky and non proft orgorganisation Ergo-aktiv. After getting some experience in Czech republic I went to chase some adventures in French Alps, where I am working as physiotherapist when it is needed.

I have been slacklining since 2011, thanks to this sport I travelled plenty countries, was part of slackline projects aand expeditions, performed at festivals or TV and mostly I spent lots of time at wonderful places in nature. In 2015 I became licenced slackliner trainer, so I started to teach. In 2017 I broke czech female highline record and hopefuly next year I make tthis distance bigger. Slackline is part of my life’s philosophy. Step by step. Breathe.

I have be practising yoga since 2013, when I discovered how important impact it has to actually feel my body, make it healthy and strong. I took till 2019 to finally do my yoga teacher training.